Friday, April 10, 2015

Chocolate Surprise Eggs (TOY Inside!!!)

Yes thats right! We are opening chocolate surprise eggs!!! Alert your children if you got ‘em!

Ok so you know how everyones kids are completely fascinated with watching other kids opening a chocolate egg with a little toy inside on Youtube?

Well... we wanted to see our kids reactions if we actually gave them their VERY OWN chocolate surprise eggs to open… in real life!

How did the crew react? What was the mystery toy inside?

Well just watch the video and see for yourself…


I’ll tell you whats up! So each chocolate surprise egg is delicately wrapped in a fine gold truffle foil, and snugly contained within that is a sturdy little plastic Easter egg, and then hidden inside the Easter egg is a little surprise toy for the children to delight in.

I don’t know if your with me on this, but we were curious as to just how they came up with such a magical and novel idea like this one, so Aaron and I Googled surprise eggs and thanks to Aaron we had to learn how they get the toy inside the egg inside the chocolate inside the wrapping paper, something which at first glance clearly confounds modern science.

So… if you were at all curious about these chocolate/egg/surprise/toy combos, here is the link to the WIKIPEDIA page ( giving you more than you need to know for the purposes of this video.

So… just to recap, each toy surprise egg randomly contains (1) fun little novelty toy, (1) pretty good sized milk chocolate egg, and (1) free plastic surprise Easter egg tossed in there.

The plastic egg actually locks into place and stays closed better than any other easter egg that I’ve ever seen. In case you maybe wanted to lock your credit card inside an Easter egg and go swimming. Or maybe you want to teach your kids a stern lesson about having something that you want so much... but can’t have for reasons you don’t understand.

Hey thanks for reading all the way to the end! Aaron and I wanted to let you know we appreciate you always stopping by and watching our fun little videos.

You deserve to have a good day today!


Stitts Bits Family!

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