Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Five Nights at Freddy's Easter Eggs

I show you how to make you own Five Nights at Freddys Easter Egg! I also provide the template for making the vector image that you will cut out and stick on the easter egg before coloring. It seriously turned out to be a way cool Easter Egg Decorating idea. I first designed a vector image of Freddy in illustrator and created it so you could dye the easter egg either Yellow or Black and get cool results. I love making Five Nights at Freddys fan art with my kids, and they were mesmerized watching me draw Freddy on an Easter Egg, so I thought I would make a Youtube Easter Egg video. If you like FNAF and you celebrate Easter, then this is an Easter egg decorating idea you will definitely want to do!

Download the NEW Easter Egg Templates to make your own here!


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